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Posted By: Jeri
30-Oct-02 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: Fox Hollow Memories?
Subject: RE: Fox Hollow Memories?
I think Willie-O meant the lodge. No dining hall. The 'dining hall' was spread out over various campsites, and the roof was tree or tarpaulin.

I worked in the information booth the first year ('73) I went, and had a great time. I worked on the gate to the performer/staff campground other years and we made sure people were camping if they drove through but just had tickets if they walked through. After the concerts ended, a large portion of the audience headed into the campground for the music there. Old Songs comes close to capturing the feeling of the campground at night, but it's not the same with no trees and crammed-in tents. It can't be helped - private land with fewer folks camping vs. fairgrounds with as many as will fit. You had to learn your way around the 'neighborhood' each year. This person's tent was just past the corner on the left next to the VW bus, and somebody-I-don't-know has a huge tarp set up in the center of the 2nd loop and there's always someone making music there and they invite folks in to share meals. I, like mmb, used to walk around at night looking for the healthiest acapella singing. I remember feeling like I could walk in anywhere and feel a part of things.

There's an earlier thread - Remembering Fox Hollow - and I wrote a bunch there. And in the thread lost forever , I wrote the following:
"More than a loss of a festival, it was a loss of innocent wonder and belonging inspired by the festival.

Have you ever felt something like magic? The concerts were outstanding, but what I remember most was the night. Impromptu dancing on the lawn, with the grass under the trees lit by moonlight and people flickering in and out of it like faeries. Singing in a darkened campsite, where you couldn't see the people standing near you, but it didn't matter anyway because within the song, there was no boundary between them and you. Soft rain falling through tall fir trees, and a smell of pine and hemlock. I, and probably everyone else, felt like we belonged there, in the forest at night, with the music everywhere and everyone in love with it.

There have been many greater losses to the world. This one isn't the world's - it's mine. Perhaps the world's greatest loss really is the loss of innocence. If everyone were in a situation where they were able to hang onto that feeling for their whole lives, where would we be now..."

Silly me, saying I 'lost' this, but remembering it so vividly! I still feel that 'innocent wonder' at times and it's strengthened by these memories. Time never stops. It moves on, but I don't think anything's lost as long as I can remember, and the memories prove what's possible and inspire me.