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Posted By: Naemanson
24-Oct-02 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Instrument Cases for Flying
Subject: RE: Tech: Instrument Cases for Flying
There's some great stuff here. Thanks to all.

I guess my best bet is to buy a hard shell case from Calton for the 12 string and build cases for the other guitars. I'll ship the built cases. I think I can build them sting enough to do the job. I'll paint them bright yellow or something equally ostentatious so they can stand out in a pile. Hopefully that will help to protect them. Then on my trips I will use the hardshell case to carry the one guitar I need and let the others abide at home.

I agree with everyone who prefers to drive. I do not like flying. It doesn't scare me (much) but it is so uncomfortable and regimented. I hate being driven like sheep through the sterile plastic environment of an airport. I hate airports, security, bland art work, fake smiles, hurrying, and all the other things that make up the flying experience. I drive whenever I can avoid flying. However, moving to the other side of the big puddle will require me to grin and bear it.

Amusing note: I followed one of the thread links and read all the way through. Then, having forgotten I was not on my original thread I posted the above paragraphs. Not thinking very clearly this morning. About par for the course.