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Posted By: Banjer
23-May-99 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
Subject: RE: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
There is one almost as bad that women don't seem to laugh at as loud. It seems this couple, husband and wife, were going to a masquerade party dressed as a bull and a cow. They were driving along the country road to their destination when the car quit. The husband pointed out that they could get where they were going by taking a shortcut across the field. So they donned the rest of their costumes and started out across the field. Halfway there they were spotted by a rather large and amorous bull, heading their way. Said wife to husband, "What are we to do?" Husband replies, "Well, dear, I'm gonna stand here and act like I'm grazing, you better brace yourself!"