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Posted By: bbc
22-May-99 - 08:29 AM
Thread Name: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
Subject: RE: Danger: Irony & Humour - Ignore this thread!
OK, I'm going to post my current favorite joke; probably no one will get it. The funniest part for me, though, was my mis-telling of it. It's a 1-liner, told to me by my older son.

The Dalai Lama goes up to a hotdog vender & says, "Make me one with everything!"

I thought that was pretty good. As I was rehearsing it in my mind to share w/ my friends, it came out, "Give me one w/ the works!" Just not quite the same, folks!

best from NY,


P.S.--Did anybody get it?