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Posted By: reggie miles
19-Oct-02 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Subject: RE: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Okay kids, I've got a new one that some here have gotten an earful of and they've told me it passes muster or, no, wait a minute, maybe they were asking me to pass the mustard. I'm not sure, but that could mean that many parts are edible with the right condiments or maybe it's difficult to swallow without something to kill the taste. So, if you're lookin for something to listen to that lacks relish and needs mustard by all means give my cd a spin. It's called At The Crossroads and features a couple of friends, Jack Cook and Hugh Sutton, playing along with guitars and keyboards. It's an eclectic mishmash of obscurities from the dimly lit archives of America's waste land, resuscitated for your perusal. So, act now! Don't wait! Be the first one on your block to run out your door screaming wildly, I got it! Then when your neighbors calm down, and you convince them that you haven't contracted some contagious infirmaty, you can tell them all about the many gems therein like, The Man With The Weird Beard, The Girl With The Shimmy In Her Pants, Mama Don't Give All The Lard Away, and Some Little Bug. Don't be surprised though if they turn away with fearful expressions running and shrieking and threatening to call the Hasmat team or the men in white coats to come and take you away. It's just their way of saying that they've already got a copy.

Oops! I guess I should have included some kind of contact info as a part of that post. Thanks Stephan for keepin' my nose to the grindstone. I start having too much fun and lose all my sensibities. So, here it is. The easiest way to contact me regarding the procurement of said disc is at this email address:

Have a silly day, ;~) Reg