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Posted By: Allan C.
21-May-99 - 10:11 AM
Thread Name: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
Subject: RE: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
I feel compelled to paste here a post from the Funny Bumper Sticker thread: Adamant Agnostic - I don't know the answer and neither do you!

I think back to high school, when there were those in my class who somehow KNEW what they wanted to be in the adult world. I marveled at this phenomenon! How could these fifteen-year-olds possibly really know? I later realized that they didn't. Some of them actually followed the path of their choosing all the way into a career. Perhaps some of those were even happy because of it. Maybe this was the proof that they were somehow "right" at fifteen. I think of it more as a manifestation of blind faith.

I marvel similarly at those who are even more convinced that they have "the answer" to questions of religion/philosophy or whatever. I see a parallel here. Each of us can only see the present and the past. Most other things must be dealt with on faith. We each arrive at some point where we find for ourselves something in which to place that faith. It is an extremely personal choice. Yes, it is often influenced by one thing or another. But ultimately the question of where to place our faith is ours. Do we then have "the answer"? Yes. Or maybe, no. We each only know what we have decided to know.

I love to discuss possible choices with folks who know that "I don't know the answer and neither do you!" The rest can take a hike.