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Posted By: catspaw49
21-May-99 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
Subject: RE: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
Well, I've read this sucker and I can't as yet figure if this is a thread that's going to hell or a thread about going to hell or about every salesman's personal hell, the cold call. But I do have a couple of comments anyway.

All the discussion about atheist/theist(JH) beliefs has had to remind some of us of the old saw:

A Philosopher is a blind man looking for an imaginary black cat in a dark room. The theologian finds the cat. The atheist comes along and also finds the cat, but declares it to be an imaginary and dead dog instead. The agnostic cannot find a light switch, figures what he can't see to be a bottomless chasm, throws in a can of catfood anyway, says "Screw It" and goes happily along still uninformed as to the unknowable.

I also find the witnesing types to be basically friendly and innocuous, and I have to thank them for one of my best lines. So often, we come up with a good line, but only a few minutes too late. 25 years ago, I had spent the day hiking with a close friend around Cumberland Falls and enjoyed a day filled with the best nature has to offer. As we approached our car in the parking lot, a couple of Witnesses came up with "WatchTowers" in hand and asked, "Do you want to read about Jesus?" I replied, "No thanks, I got Batman in the truck."

Telemarketers......either just say no and cut it off, or play with them awhile, and there's lots of fun things to do to a telemarketer. Just get them off their flow chart and you're all set. "We offer a complete basement dryout and deodorizing service." Really? I've got some odd smells, so maybe if I put down some fresh cement you could seal it and you know..... (The police may arrive wanting a look in your basement) OR..."What kind of windows does your home have?" Uh, glass? What kind do you have? "No, I mean, what frames your windows?" Well basically the walls do. "NO...What is the part around the glass that isn't wall?" I dunno, the guy didn't say. "What guy?" The guy who put them in. "You have new windows?" Yeah, why?.....and on and on you go. If you need ideas write me. I just love messing with their minds, tiny as they may be.