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Posted By: Willie-O
13-Oct-02 - 08:34 AM
Thread Name: Guitar Headstock Design
Subject: RE: Guitar Headstock Design
Anyone interested, the Twelfth Fret currently has a VERY early Martin with the Stauffer-style (Renaissance Strat) headstock. It looks unspeakably weird today and its interesting to think of Martin's standard symmetrical headstock as an innovation, which it was. Interesting that even their most ornate overblown models don't deviate from this tradition.

I agree that snakeheads aren't as pretty, especially the shrunken Seagull-LaSiDo ones which look badly out of whack. But they make great sounding mandolins, why not guitars? String separation at the tuners is a good thing.

My grandfather had two fiddles; the cheap one was a Czechoslovakian one with a carved wolf or lion head peghead. A macho effort to distinguish an inferior instrument.