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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
12-Oct-02 - 09:15 PM
Thread Name: Guitar Headstock Design
Subject: RE: Guitar Headstock Design
I agree that some guitar headstocks make you wonder if the luthier maybe put the wrong kind of mushrooms in the spaghetti sauce. But, I don't think Michael Dunn's guitars are a valid target for criticism because his guitars are intentional copies of the famous Selmer and Maccafferi jazz guitars including the headstock shape. If you look at any of the gypsy guitars being produced today (i.e. Le Voi, Dell'arte, Dupont as well as Dunn) they all stay true to the elongated narrowing hexagon that was used on the originals. It may not be pretty, but, if so, the blame belongs to Selmer and Maccafferi, not Michael Dunn.

And, yes, the Fender Strat headstock is the quintessential electric guitar design. But, remember when Fender was using that same headstock shape on their acoustics in the '60s. UGLY! A totally inappropriate shape for an acoustic.