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Posted By: annamill
20-May-99 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
Subject: RE: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)

Now I'm an Atheist and a firm believer in humanity and all kinds of life. This does not mean that I'm a murder or a pervert. In fact, I love the teachings of Christ and have more than once given my shirt to one who has stolen from me because obviously his need is greater than mine. I used to answer the door and be polite to JW people. I have tried to explain to them that on me it was totally wasted. I think the thing that really turned me off and made me curt was one phrase that curdled my stomach. I was told in no uncertain terms that my children, who at that time were 10 years and 2 years old, were filled with sin. Now maybe their idea of sin was different from mine, atheist that I am. I told them that that statement had made me very angry and I didn't want to speak tho them any longer. They continued. I became rude, which to me meant closing the door. Since that time, I've have never allowed a conversation to begin.

Interestingly enough, my daughter, Amy, who is 31 and has three children of her own is a born-again Christian. I allowed my children to make up their own minds about God. She and I have a truce. I respect her feelings, and she respects mine. Religion is not usually something we discuss.

My son, James, is an Atheist. He's not a murder or pervert either. At least I don't think he is!! Mothers are always the last to know, you know. ;-) He's beautiful to me.

This has become a very interesting thread and I just wanted to put in my two cents.