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Posted By: Genie
09-Oct-02 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 90
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 90
Hadda hatch just one more.

Great Emu Bird
By Genie
Tune: Great Speckled Bird (same tune as "Wild Side Of Life" and "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels")

Oh, what lecherous thoughts she was thinking
When she first spied that Great Emu Bird;
He reminded her of her late husband,
Though at first thought, the tale seems absurd.
It was late on a clear cloudless evening,
With the full moon so bright overhead,
That the Great Emu Bird at her window
Scared the Hausfrau right out of her bed.

All she saw when she first heard the tapping
Was a huge eye that peered through the pane
And a neck that was, frankly, unglaublich!
She found herself feeling quite faint.
Reluctant to lower her standard,
She watched ev'ry move that he made.
She tried not to find fault with his oddness,
Thinking, "Gottsurely makes no mistakes."

As she crept near, with great apprehension,
The prowler ran off in the night
With the speed of a souped-up new Porsche,
As she trembed (with mixed hope and fright).
So she called to report the intruder,
And they soon solved the puzzle, they thought.
For an emu they called "Eric Vogel"
Was abroad and refused to be caught.

He'd been stretching his legs for the journey.
He had 'flown' from that old Hamburg Zoo.
When the keepers had missed him kommt Morgen,
They said, "Ach!  Was ist einVogelmann to do?"
From the pen he so fiercely detested
He had broken out zweimal before.
He would rise and be gone in a moment,
Then he'd frighten a Fraulein or horse.

"Das Polizist detective assured me
That no prowler was found near mein Haus,
And he's sure that das Jaeger had feathers
And was prob'ly just hunting ein maus.
Still,  late in das Abend, I still wonder,
Reflecting on the sight I did see,
Could that "neck" have belonged to an emu
Or was someone just glad to see me?

Hausfrau = housewife
unglaublich = incredible
Gott = God
Vogel = bird
Vogelmann = birdman
kommt Morgen = come(s) morning
zweimal = twice
Haus = house
Maus = mouse
Jaeger = hunter
Abend = evening

blue clickie thang fixed by mudelf ;-)