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Posted By: Mudjack
19-May-99 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
All the gun legislation in the world won't fix the problem and show me anyone in today's world who will die over the second amendment. What is in my home is my business and will I defend it? Yes with anything I own rather it be a gun or a song regardless of what my constitutional rights are.
I am always impressed with the bumber sticker that says it all.
You can have my GUNS, over my dead body.
To me it simply sums it up, no matter what gun prohition laws are passed, some will give their lives in defending that right. When the Gestapos come knocking on your door, will you live up to your promise,and die for your rights? or will you give in like the rest of us passive taxpayers? Mudjack @ Mudcat's political forum...