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Posted By: hank
19-May-99 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat

I find it interesting that people can feel safe in the UK with all the Irish problems. (Not taking sides on that conflict)
Not. People feel safe where they are unless there is some reason not to. The US is a perfectly safe place to be, I feel in no way threatened, and I never have. Maybe that will change, but I don't understand the people who live in fear as I've never lived that way.

I'm just trying to turn this discussion around, because there seem to be people who fear someone, and therefore hate guns. (Remember a gun never kills unless an action is taken to cause it to fire, and those actions are done by humans, accident or not) I still contend that it is the fear that needs to be faced and solved, not the means of causing it.

I would not claim your fears are groundless. There may indeed be people with guns out to get you. There are peole with guns out to get everyone they can. But guns are not the cause, guns are one means, and they have used others in the past, with more success.

I don't claim to offer solutions, but I will contend that taking away my guns won't solve your fear. Drugs are illegal, and cocain doesn't grow in the US, yet tons of it arrive in the US every year despite a strong US presence in areas where it is grown. Those who you fear will either find a gun like they find drugs now, or they will find anouther way to get you.

We have laws about murder already, but it doesn't stop intentional murder. WE have laws about what the police can do, but it didn't stop the Branch Daividian thing. (Not to defend the Branch Daividians who were not great people, but they police going against them were not doing their job right)