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Posted By: Alex
19-May-99 - 02:20 AM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
I started out by calling Tucker a Dingbat (what is the definition of a dingbat, anyway?) because there was already a thread that was ongoing and he chose to make a political statement by spinning off another thread (this one) and I felt that it should not go unanswered. His "friends" (all 8 of them) supported him and some others chastised me for my rhetoric. They asked where did I come from, and Banjer, although kind in his analysis of my interests and sense of humor, proved delightfully schitzophrenic by searching my previous posts and "outing" my location in the US. He also noted that I have been posting since 10/22/96 That is true and I have been using this forum to help folks and get information on folk music since then.. Hey, I did the forum browse thing, Bob Schwarer is the closest at 11/4/96 and most of you are within the last 12 months. Tucker's first post (under that id) was 4/10/99 - how do you make so many friends in a month? I reiterate my statements that this should be a sharing site for folk music enthusiasts and that we should shun those who would use this for their extremist views.