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Posted By: puzzled
18-May-99 - 09:51 PM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Freedom of some choices are still possible in this country. And I guess one of the reasons i have spoken up in this thread is because the gun ownership question is a recent one for me and one made with a lot of hard deliberation.
I think that the need to ensure survival of my children is a much stronger force in me than i would have been able to recognize even a couple of years ago. Maybe even THE major part of my decision.
I live in a quiet peaceful area of subtle beauty. A creek whose flowing waters sooth me. Gentle rolling tall grass prairie hills to hike through and feel at peace in. It was very disturbing to have that so unexpectedly invaded.
I am a calm person, slow to anger. I have no fear of domestic violence because our house is a home of joy and love. I choose a weapon for the same reason some people buy insurance. It provides a feeling of security. Like it or not even my kids feel safer and sleep easier now because they know we are prepared to deal with an unwelcome armed intruder. It still was a hard choice for me. But i am glad i was able to make my own choice.
Now i pray that we are never again faced with the need to follow through on that choice.
I certainly understand other people's strong opposition to such a choice. I hear moonchild's anger and fear of her attacker and could care less how she votes, I would willing help hold down the hooded asshole as she ripped him up. I admire Uilleand's ability to make such a sacrifice for the belief of doing no harm. But i am also aware of where my own comfort zone is and have chosen true to my own heart.
I'd rather be singing.