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Posted By: Moonchild
18-May-99 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Richard Bridge ... Ode to Billy Joe is not about homosexuality.

Puzzled ... I'm envious of the fact that you "won't be startled and accidentally fire at some one," and "won't pull the gun unless i KNOW that i feel threatened." I, too, once made those statements, but my attacker robbed me of feelings of security I once had. You are correct in saying I made a good self appraisal in choosing not to own a gun. Remember ... "There but for the grace of g-d, go I."

The diverse reasons for owning/not owning a gun are interesting. I find it interesting that whenever anyone makes a statement regarding gun ownership, they are immediately labeled as Republican or Democrat, a flaming liberal or a John Birch Society conservation. I am a liberal Democrat. I will not own or house a gun, however, I would think nothing of ripping off the testicles of the hooded man who attached me. I wonder how y'll would classify me now. moonchild