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Posted By: Uilleand
18-May-99 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
Subject: RE: Guns, to my friends here at Mudcat
And here I thought I was being blatantly ironic. Well, live and learn.

I was trying to say that personal freedom is purely a matter of perspective. I do not feel that my freedom is in any way diminished, if the law says, I can't carry a gun. I've lived under a government that said just that, and life was just fine, actually safer than here. I think most any of us who have lived in such countries most of our lives would agree. I came here and I chafed at having to abide by a speed limit that is much lower than what I was used to. But I see the rational. Statistics show that the majority of guns purchased for personal protection, if used, are turned against the person who bought it in the first place. Sounds like a good argument not to have one in the house. As to hunting and target shooting, well, the strict regulations in Germany allow for those (Gun Clubs, hunting seasons,etc.). It seems to be a much more responsible approach to owning guns. What message exactly are we sending our children by this easy availability of guns? The power struggle seems to be much more reminiscent of a cold war in our own homes, with the occasional casualty being our friends and neighbours. Is that really worth it? No, I choose not to live in constant fear, symbolized by a gun in the house. Guns are not the answer to personal safety.