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Posted By: Paul Kennedy
02-Jul-97 - 02:20 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cod Liver Oil
Subject: Lyr Add: COD LIVER ILE^^^

I'm a young married man that is tired in life
Ten years I've been married to an ailing young wife
She does nothing all day but sit down and cry
A wishing to God that soon she could die

Doctor oh Doctor, oh dear Doctor John
Your cod liver ile is so pure and so strong
I'm afraid of me life I'll go down in the sile
If my wife don't stop drinking your cod liver ile

I bought her a bottle twas just for to try
And the way that she drank it you'd swear she were dry
I bought her another which vanished the same
I think she's got cod liver ile on her brain

She likes it so much that there is no doubt
Me wife she got fat and terrible stout
And when she got stout of course she got strong
And then I got jealous of Doctor dear John


Me house it resembles a big doctor's shop
With bottles and bottles and bottles on top
And then in the morning when the kettle does bile
I swear it be singing of cod liver ile