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01-Oct-02 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 90
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 90
Helga And The Emu Man
(Tweeter and the Monkey Man)

Helga saw the Emu Man one dark friday night,
His long neck and eyes gave her one goodly fright,
He gaped into her window as she washed up her hands,
She felt mortal fear ripplin' up right through her glands,
" Good Lord" she cried in horror as she stood by the sink,
"I ain't smokin' nothin' funny and I ain't had a drink",
" I know that I saw someone peepin' right in my house"
She called the cops in quickly, " Let them deal with this louse",


    And the Emu Man,
    Slid into the woods,
    " They can chase me 'til they're tired
      It won't due no bloody good"

Now the men of Hamburg's finest never liked the Emu Man
He swore they'd never take him anytime he ran,
" I scared the heck out of that horse last week, no amateurish trick"
"Next time they take a shot at me they'd better be quick"
The coppers showed up soon and took Helga's statement there,
" He had two white and shinin' eyes, and his chest it was bare"
" He tapped right on my window, damn near scared me half to death"
"I ain't seen nothin' like that since I quit snortin' meth"

    And the Emu Man,
    Forty miles ahead,
    " They can chase me 'til they're tired,
       They can chase me 'til they're dead.

Everyone remembers how the Emu got away
And he still makes appearances 'til this very day,
And Helga's left to wonder just what the hell she saw,
The night she saw the Emu Man, the night she called the law,
And down in Hamburg City they still talk about the tail
Of when they chased the Emu Man, tried to throw the bird in jail
And sometimes I sit and wonder, why I'm his biggest fan,
The legendary peeper called The Emu Man.

    And the Emu Man,
    A famous rogue today,
    " I'll live to run again boys, live to run another day"