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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
25-Sep-02 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Worst Pop Song Part Two
Subject: RE: Worst Pop Song Part Two
(quote) "I just bought the DVD of Hard Day's Night and am looking forward to watching it. Again, I thought the movie was a lot of high energy, "cheeky" fun. The songs are early enough that they don't have much sophistication, ...."

I guess I wasn't clear enough in my enjoyment of the work on "A Hard Day's Night". I cited "A Hard Day's Night" as a benchmark of *quality *against which the other songs are measured by and ,IMO , found substantially wanting. Obviously they were running out of steam during rise of the Yoko years . "A Hard Day's Night's " music is as solid a document of the Beatle's *quality* Pop as one can appreciate & indulge in.

I'll gladly give MacCartney his due with wonderful Pop-pieces like "Penny Lane". Honestly compare that with the likes of the insipid "You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello" and you'll understand better where I coming from.

(quote) "If we exclude Ringo for not being much of a singer, there goes a big batch of people who sing folk music, along with him. :-)

Yeah ,but atleast those with staying power could put something of mewaning in the performance of their lyrics. Nothing of whoch could *ever* be said of anything Ringo ever produced. the closest he ever came was his cover of "Act Naturally". Fair enough? ;-)

Yeah ,I know . I'm too particular about music the way i am about my nutrition. We all indulge in the "Junk food" for fun ,but , with my music listening time becoming evermore limited I kind of chose music that genuinely *does* something for me. Hence my semi-regular lamenting at the chronic wasteland that MTV celebrates & exaccerbates .

Let's just say I've come to feel that life's too short to be spent stuck in traffic either. A lot of pop music is like that to me.