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Posted By: The Shambles
23-Sep-02 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: TV sport vs live music in pubs. HELP
Subject: RE: TV sport vs live music in pubs. HELP
Dear Roger
I am the Licensing Officer for the Morecambe Geographic Police Area.

I have been asked to contact you in response to an enquiry by .... ..... regarding PEL's and I write to confirm what has been said.

Incidents reported to the police are recorded on a computerised logging system, which can later be interrogated to ascertain patterns, problem places, times etc.

There is a category for recording 'Disturbance in Licensed Premises' which is concerned with the recording of incidents WITHIN the premises. trouble on the street is recorded in another category.

There are also venues in Morecambe that are licensed AND provide live entertainment.

I have looked at the figures for disorder in the above category and there is nothing to indicate any connection between watching TV and trouble. This was best found during the recent World Cup. You will recall that Licensing Magistrates granted Special Orders of Exemption that allowed licensed premises to open as early as 6am.

In the Morecambe Policing Area there were no reported incidents of disorder. As far as disorder on the street, it would be very difficult to prove any connection between the two without being able to question those involved.

Morecambe has also staged live music events at some of its venues and again, there are no reports of disorder.

Clearly, other areas of the county and country will have different experiences. We are fortunate in that the local football team does not play in the upper leagues whereby teams with a known 'thuggish' following visit.

I can only suggest that you contact others involved in Licensing in such areas to get a view from their side.

If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me on the below number.

Bill Elder
Morecambe Licensing
ext. (01524) 596985