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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
11-Sep-02 - 12:02 AM
Thread Name: Help:- Need a pirate song
Subject: RE: Help:- Need a pirate song
(quote) "Pirates" by Emerson Lake & Palmer - you can't beat it."

Man ,you beat me to it and well done indeed. The words to one of the best , and my persoanl favorite , tour de force pieces ever created by ELP with lyrics written by former King Crimson bandmate to Grag Lake; Pete Sinfield just role off the tongue in a rhthym all their own .

Personally I would just *love* to see someone transpose the lyrics from the far more elaborate orchestrations of this performance piece to something that could be performed accompanied with a single instrument; my preference being a 12 string.

However , for kids , one would have to edit out the pirates debauchery celebration part......

".......make it a cup for a sea dog's thirst ,_ 12 long long years of bones and beaches_ fever and leeches_ did their worst_

So fill the night_ with paradise_ bring me peach and pecans_ till I burst_ but first_

I want a soft touch_ in the right place_ I wanna to feel_ like a king to tonight"......

Ten of the black_ to beat the Frenchman_ back you dog_ ( somenthing ,something )_ Now open wide sweet heavens gates_ we're gonna see_ if heaven burns_ Oh ,she burns.

I want an angel _ on a gold chain_and I'll ride her_ to the stars. For it's tha last time_for a long,long time_ comre the day break_ Weeee embark.."

The rest from here on to the finale returns to being uncontraversial.

Damn it I couldn't find which storage crate has the LP version of the ELP "Works" album with the lyrics printed. Perhaps someone will be so gracious to publish the words because they really are a storyteller's poem.