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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
26-Aug-02 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: St Patrick Was a Cajun, L.E. McCullough
Subject: RE: St Patrick Was a Cajun, L.E. McCullough
Hi Jeri - this place is becomming a habit just now since A. I always did love Muddie and B. I am on a short week. My reason for butting in is that I am a secret fiddler/whistle blower - though mind you I am far better on the singing biro than the cat scarer.

Adding that I for a long time thought Julia Clifford must have had several helpers to play a tune I now know to be the 'Scartaglen Reel' may help you to comprehend just how far away from sucessfully completing any tune I am and considering my age - way over the hill - may never happen, but still. Trying to play the fiddler's secret licks which they refuse to tell me about - humm maybe I am imagining that - caused me for a long while to think the downbows are on B 3 an 7.

Bored with thumping out old folksongs I discovered a misplaced tune sheet with mentioned tune. Amazing thing for me is that when I set about playing it as instructed by all the books I read for the last 20 years - it actualy worked. So not only did I get a new tune off, I can do it end to end without stopping and without getting confused about where to change bowdirections.

Which all goes to show if you try hard enough for long enough then sooner or later one will suceed. As to the invention of tunes and putting strange names on them, I have no idea - just happy I can still blast out a few bars of Lucky in Love.

BTW If you can and have the chance - I seem not to be able to get a copy - do get hold of Junior Crehan's - deceased was both fiddler and whistler - original tunes , perhaps thats where Mr Mc Culloch found so much inspiration.