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Posted By: Jeri
26-Aug-02 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: St Patrick Was a Cajun, L.E. McCullough
Subject: St Patrick Was a Cajun, L.E. McCullough
I have to admit I bought the book last spring based solely on the titles of the tunes. If you saw "A Snake is a Chiropractor's Dream," "How Much Do Those Weigh?" "Hoosiers in Heat," "My Guardian Angel is a Space Cadet," and "Up to your Neck in Newts," would you put the book down? At worst, I'd have a bunch of bad tunes with funny names.

I got it home and messed with some of the tunes. They were great tunes! They were a bit difficult on fiddle and I wasn't in the sort of mood to learn new tunes. So I put the book aside for a time I DID want to learn.

Here I was last weekend, bored out of my skull. I've been playing guitar, but not making a whole lot of progress. I sat here and thought - geez, I should pick the thing up and practice. I picked it up. I tried to think of something new to do and saw the book. I went straight to a tune I'd marked "Birds Sleep Safer on Bellerock Street Tonight." It's a 3-part hornpipe but doesn't sound bad when you play it slowly - according to the notes, it started life as an air. The tune gets its hooks into me - big time! From Sat morning to now, something strange happens. I pick up speed playing it, my fingers get to places that were nearly impossible when I started, and I DREAM about the tune. Ever happen to you? I'm addicted to the damned thing and I have to go play it again in about 5 minutes or I'll go mad. I did force myself to try a few other tunes and also have "Humors of Sarajevo" marked to learn.

I don't know if this is a book review, a discussion of motivation in learning, or a search for a tune addiction support group. The book is good, the tunes are good. I look forward to playing one in a session and just waiting for someone to ask me the name - and folks WILL ask!