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Posted By: The Shambles
15-Aug-02 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: PELs in Scotland
Subject: RE: BS: PELs in Scotland
Sorry if I have confused you Jock but it was Tim Willets not I, that said that. I take your point however, and we are trying to follow your example not impose our Civil Servant's strange thinking on you.

For the very best 'Sir Humphreyspeak' admits that the liquor licence covers entertainment in pubs in Scotland. And that the Scottish system is "more flexible", and then says. "It would therefore be inappropriate to adopt the Scottish system which is based on national permitted hours. We think our approach is more flexible"????

So the preferred "more flexible" system changes a situation where the act of three singing in a pub make the premises unsafe, to one where the act of one person singing in a pub make the premises unsafe. Where the participant is taking part in a criminal offence, just by singing, if the licensee has not specified well in advance, the exact nature of this music in an operating plan and obtained official local authority permission.

"the licensing authority would be able to make sensible decisions about the necessary and proportionate conditions to be attached to the licence to protect local residents and the wider community".

Local authorities have always been able to make these SENSIBLE decisions. It is unfortunately that on too many occasions they have not done so. We are now expected to take on trust that these individuals, with even more power, are now able to make sensible decisions, for there is little mention of any means of the Government ensuring that they do.

I can also see a situation where in order to justify their existence, on application for the optional entertainment element, conditions will be placed on premises, where small scale (and currently exempt) music making has already taken place and could take place, without any changes actually being required.