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28-Jun-97 - 04:58 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Going Home / Goin' Home (Dvorak)
Subject: Lyrics to the song Going Home (Dvorak)
What I know of the lyrics....
Goin home, goin home
Yes I'm goin home
Goin home, goin home
Yes I'm goin home

Mama dear, papa dear
yes I'm comin home

I heard Diana Durbin sing it in the movie, "It started with Eve" It is based on the symphony "Voyage to the New World" by Dvorzak (sp?). The words are quite old, written in the 1880's and adapted to the music. The above is all from memory and is probably flawed.

Anyone know the lyrics, or where I could get a copy?

Thanks in advance

David Davis

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