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Posted By: Ed.
06-Aug-02 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sweet Mama Hurry Home (Jimmie Rodgers)
Subject: RE: Hurry Home Sweet Momma
Regarding Google searching.

I didn't know the song, so at first I tried just putting the title into google. I got 7440 Results

So next, I put "quotes" around the phrase. This means that Google will only search for that exact phrase rather than any pages that include the search terms anywhere in the text. I got zero results

I assumed that you must have got the title wrong, so I decided to enter a phrase from the lyrics you'd provided. I chose "Hurry home or I'll be gone" (guessing that you'd probably have remembered a repeated chorus phrase correctly)

Sticking that phrase (again in quotes) into Google and got these results Much more like it!

With only 41 results, I could have searched through them all, but tried a shortcut (that sometimes - but sometimes doesn't work) I added 'lyrics' to my search terms.

So my final search was: "Hurry home or I'll be gone" lyrics

Four results, at least two of which lead straight to the lyrics.

Hope that helps.