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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
06-Aug-02 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sweet Mama Hurry Home (Jimmie Rodgers)
Subject: Hurry Home Sweet Momma
I was sitting around at home last night, and remembered an old Jimmie Rodgers that I used to sing. Somewhere, I still have the recording on a 45 r.p.m. but when we moved last year, things got misplaced and I can't find it. I can remember most of the words, but I'm sure I'm messing them up. I tried Digitrad Search, and tried to wade through the eight thousand listings in Google that include these words. I've never successfully found anything on Google, yet I see others on Mudcat quickly finding stuff. I wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

Is there any Catter who knows this song? Here are the lyrics, the best that I can remember them..

I'm feeling blue, and lonely too, ever since you went away
My poor heart yearns for you, .... ... ... .... day
Since you're gone, the stars refuse to shine, you are always on my mind
I'm so alone........

But, there'll come a time you'll miss me, and you'll be blue
There'll come a time, you'll want me, no one else will do, Sweet Mamma
Your heart will yearn for my loving, then you'll know that you were wrong
And maybe then you'll sigh, or even sometimes cry
But then, I'll be long gone, sweet Momma
Hurry home or I'll be gone
Hurry home, or I'll Be Gone

From what I remember, the title of the song is Hurry Home Sweet Momma, or I'll be Gone. I'll go back and try Hurry Home Or I'll Be Gone.

Jerry An