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Posted By: Doug Chadwick
30-Jul-02 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: what does BS stand for?
Subject: RE: BS: what does BS stand for?
No, we are not back to the old argument. My beef on this occasion is not against the existence of BS threads, or even in their contents, but the fact that several threads were running at the same time with more or less the same people extending the same in-joke. It was Shatner all over again. As I said above, even good jokes can wear thin.

My other point was that information gets hidden by the BS. I opened these threads because I am local enough to know the places you are talking about. I've had a pint or two in the Sloop; I've joined in the session at the Nag's Head; I've even managed to save up enough money to pay the fine on the Humber Bridge and visit Hull. Having given up on the "Durty nellies" threads, I had hoped to get something out of the "South Ferriby" thread - who was doing what, where etc.. not just Punch the Horse, but also others in the area, - but within two postings it was clear that this had started on a low point and was spiralling steadily downwards.

I have, in the past, complained about the relevance of BS threads but when I saw the scale of the reaction to my comments, I quickly hollered UNCLE and left those who enjoy BS threads to themselves. I rarely contribute to BS threads, either to join in or to complain. But sometimes enough is enough. I wouldn't dream of trying to "police" anything. Posting to a thread just to moan about its existence is a sure way to send the subject off at a tangent and extend the thread to a 5-parter. The subject of this thread is BS, so all my comments were directly relevant, even if my examples were taken from other threads.

Yes, we are in a café and should be able to enjoy ourselves and talk about what we like without asking permission of others but filling lots of threads with the same old joke is like having a table in the café where people are laughing so loud that those who want a quiet cup of coffee would prefer to go somewhere else.

By the way Oakley, I wouldn't describe myself as "one hell of an anything player" and no sort of melodian player, so you must be mixing me up with someone else.

Oakley, Ossonflags, Noreen & John ........ will you shake hands with me ?