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Posted By: Doug Chadwick
28-Jul-02 - 07:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: what does BS stand for?
Subject: RE: BS: what does BS stand for?
Then there is the type of bullshit that doesn't get the BS prefix because it starts out pretending to be relevant to music but then quickly descends into drivel. You are seduced into opening the thread and find yourself in the middle of insider jokes that are obviously hilarious to the participants but nonsense to those outside. Worse still, worthwhile information may be hidden among the dross, which means you either miss it or waste time searching for it.

Typical of this type of thread are:
punch the horse at durty nellies hull (UK)
Punch the Horse at Dirty Nellys (PART 2)
Punch The Horse at South Ferriby ( UK)

The PART 2 of the of the "Dirty Nellys" contained the gem "I'll get this thread up to 200 posts by hook or by crook "

These have now spawned the correctly labelled BS thread
jOhn from Hull, in Hull, on Hull 9Part3)

The "...Dirty Nellys PART 2" and " .....South Ferriby ......" threads are running alongside this BS thread but all are basically the same. Even good jokes can wear thin but clogging up the system with multiple threads containing the same inane comments gives Mudcat a bad name and is likely to frighten away those with serious interests in music.

The "Ways To Help Mudcat" thread had the advice:
......Start a music thread.........learn to post tunes........ and Answer music threads........

I would add: - don't corrupt music threads with BS

Doug C