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Posted By: Chris Amos
24-Jul-02 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: Guitar string tension v gauge
Subject: RE: Guitar string tension v guage

I've done some calculations based on John's advice, one gives he tension (in pounds) for a set of Heavy strings tuned to concert, second is Heavy strings tuned to CGCDGC and last a set of medium strings tuned to concert.

		Heavy		Heavy		Medium 
Conc. C

1st 31.8 25.24 27.4
2nd 29.5 23.42 26.3
3rd 38.4 28.76 35.3
4th 45.2 40.27 36.8
5th 40.0 35.64 34.0
6th 32.2 25.56 29.0

Diameter for heavy set is .014, .018, .027, .039, .049, .059.

So it would seem by using these strings tuned as they are I am not putting undue strain on the guitar. Is this the best diameter to use for what I want?, should I use lighter as WYSIWYG suggested?, if I were to design a set of strings to fit this tuning at optimum tension what would they be like?

I am surprised that the 6th string exurts less force than the 4th and 5th.

Many thanks this is a good thread.


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