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Posted By: Steve Parkes
23-Jul-02 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: Guitar string tension v gauge
Subject: RE: Guitar string tension v guage
John means the mass or the density of the string. But we can take the area of cross-section (since mass = area x length x density): length & density are constants, so the frequency is directly proportional to the cross-section area.

Well, that's true for a plain string; it's a bit complicated for a wound string, because the area isn't circular, and the core and winding may have different densities. But this is being a bit picky: the difference is going to be slight (for steel strings--not nylon!).

And more good news: pi is a constant too, so . This means if you double the diameter, the pitch drops by two octaves if the tension is the same. For one octave, increase the dia. by about 1.4 (square root of 2); to go up an octave, decrease it to 0.7 of the dia.

What we really want here is for someone to come and quote us some guages!