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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
06-Jul-02 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: British vs. American names
Subject: RE: BS: British vs. American names
I went to grade school 60 years ago, in Minnesota, with an Aloysius (AL-oh-ISH-us).

My father in law's name(born Indiana, 1880s) was Courtney Oronto Moore.

I've been bemused by the tendency in modern-day US to give girls traditional men's names (Courtney in this case) or family-type names (Kelly, Madison, etc.)

I remember (in the 40s) going to high school with a girl named Jack. Not Jackie, not Jacqueline--JACK. When she moved to town, on her first day in our school of course she had to make out registration papers. The papers were returned to her with the admonition: "No nicknames! Write your full first name!" "Jack." "I said 'No nicknames!'" "Jack." "Young lady, go home and get your mother or father, because we can't have nicknames in the records. We need your full name!"

When mama came in she assured them that it was, indeed, "Jack".

Dave Oesterreich