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Posted By: Little Hawk
05-Jul-02 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: British vs. American names
Subject: RE: BS: British vs. American names
American names?

How about Kyle? There are so many Kyles now that you can spit out the window and probably hit one. (It was originally Scottish though, wasn't it?)

Josh is popular lately. Bubba is as American as you can get. Zeke is American hillbilly (short for Ezekial, I presume...) Same with Zeb and Rufus (the latter was usually given to black men). Then there's Lincoln and Washington and Jefferson and Jackson (as first names). These are salutes to American history.

Calvin used to be popular, but not anymore.

And Texas and Tennessee and various other names of states...

And Davy as in Davy Crockett.

And Merle (for a man), and Bert, and Mike, and Bob, and Dave, and Jim, and Ed, and Fred, and Bill, and John, and Cal, and Clint, and anything else like that that has just ONE syllable.

REAL Ay-merican men don't need a first name that's got more'n one syllable, pilgrim! Just ask the Duke. Matter of fact, John Wayne is the most all-out Ay-merican name that's ever been if ya ask me...

Now lock and load, shut yer traps, and MOVE OUT! We got a job ta do here and we're not goin' home till it's done!

- LH