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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
04-Jul-02 - 07:51 AM
Thread Name: Help: Translation needed: Can y melinydd
Subject: RE: Help: Translation needed: 'Can y melinydd'
I have a hen and cock'rel
A cow, fat pig as well
My wife is ever at my side
And so, we're doing well(/swell?).

Another take, but I don't really like 'swell' as it sounds 'Americanised'(no offence intended).
But I also dislike rhyming a word with itself, although the meaning of 'as well' almost makes it a different word.

Help or comment may still be needed.

(Afterthought) first two line of the verse could be swapped without losing the meaning,
I have a cow and fatted pig
A cock and hen as well
(Or!)A hen and cockerel (but that's pushing scansion & pronunciation)