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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
03-Jul-02 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: Killed by the PEL system
Subject: RE: Killed by the PEL system
I saw this on the Folk page of my local paper ( any spilling mitakes will by mine not the papers)
"When does three in a pub become a problem? Well all of the time, if you ask me....there'd be no atmosphere and youd have to stay for ages to get the beer drunk!
But seriously, it does become a problemwhen more than two entertainers sing in a pub at the same time.It can put the licensee in breach of the law unless they posesss a Public entertaiment licence.
I was intersted to read the summer issue of Folktalk, the folk listings magazine produced in North Linconshire.
It tells the story of Bridlington Folk Club, which meets at The Broadacres pub in Kingsgate, which it says "has become the latest in a long list of clubs to fall foul of the two in a bar law.
The story continus " In short the rule means that if more than two performers sing in a pub the landlord needs an expensive licence.
Some local authorities now claim that if the audience join in, they count as performers and in one mad instance a local authority decided that if the audience tap their feet it counts as performing.
Mad or what?....The real problem is of course, is it actively discourages the performance of live music and we have to gight even harder to preserve our musical heritage ..which is what the folk movement is all about.The solution as far as Bridlington Folk Club is concerned is to become a members only club, to join just call them on Bridlington (01262) 601413.
The club continues to meet fortnightly on Tuesdays evenings"

Foltalk by the way is full of handy lisings and can be picked up free of charge at many clubs in the area or you can send a stanped adressed anvelope to Folktalk, 57, Loyds Ave, Scunthorpe, DN17 1BY.