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Posted By: sian, west wales
28-Jun-02 - 09:12 AM
Thread Name: Help: Translation needed: Can y melinydd
Subject: RE: Help: Translation needed: 'Can y melinydd'
Did you want a singable translation (if so, I probably don't have one, but I could look when I get home)? Otherwise, it depends on what verses you have. Here are some:

Mae gen i dy cysurus
A melin newydd sbon
A thair o wartheg brithion
Yn pori ar y fron

I have a cosy little house, and a new mill, and three dappled cows grazing on the hill.

Chorus Weli di, weli di, Mari fach
Weli di, Mari annwyl

Do you see, Do you see, Little Mari etc.

Mae gen i drol a cheffyl
A merlyn bychan twt
A deg o ddefaid tewion
A mochyn yn y cwt

I have a cart and horse and a neat little pony, and ten fat sheep and a pig in the sty.

Mae gen i gwpwr cornel
Yn llawn o lestri te
A dresel yn y gegin
A phopeth yn ei le

I have a corner cupboard full of a tea set (dishes) and a dresser in the kitchen and everything in its place.

Mae genni ebol melyn
Yn codi pedair troed
A phedair pedol arian
O dan ei pedwar troed.

I have a yellow cold with four prancing feet (bit of poetic licence on my part there) and four silver shoes on his four feet.

Mae genni iar a cheiliog,
A buwch a mochyn tew
A rwng a wraig a minnau,
Wn ei gwneud yn o lew.

I have a chicken and a cockerel and a cow and a fat pit and, between my wife and I, we do alright.

Fe aeth yr iar i rodio,
I Arfon draw mewn dyg
A daeth yn ol un ddiwrnod
Ar Wyddfa en e phig.
The chicken went out for a stroll to Arfon (old county in north west Wales) and came back one day with Snowdon in it's beak.

Now just watch ... someone will beat me to this! I'm never fast enough! sian