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Posted By: greg stephens
26-Jun-02 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: Help: Dirty Old Town? Meaning???
Subject: RE: Help: Dirty Old Town? Meaning???
Interesting that Swinton produced that gem of rural celebration the "Swinton May Song", and not all that long ago either.
Re Dirty Old Town words. My recollecton is that McColl did not sing "Salford wind", though he may have written that for the original production. I'm sure the original recording, andhow he sung it generally, was "smelt the spring on the smoky wind". Made it more universal, and of wider appeal I suppose.That's purely my memory, from way back, by the way. The record's buried in some box, I moved house recently. He made no secret of it's being written about Salford, though, and I think otherpeople started singing "Salford".I certainly remember making that change, in the mid 60's I suppose. Anyone else remember that?