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Posted By: IvanB
24-Jun-02 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: Songroom open now
Subject: RE: Songroom open now.....
Liz, to my knowledge, a 'locked' room has to be designated as that when the owner first signs up for the name. Mudcat Song Circle has never been a locked room. I do agree with you that an administrator should always be present when the room is open, to keep order when the occasional abrasive 'straggler' happens through. Most visitors, if they find the room not to their liking, just leave quietly, but there are a few exceptions.

One other point: only a person acting as an administrator can open the room. Once it's open, the administrator could leave and the room would still remain open as long as there were people in it. However, I'm not really in favor of that approach, for the reasons outlined above. Probably Norton1, as the owner of the room, should make the rules, but, absent any instruction from him to the contrary, if were the admin and had to leave, I'd close the room if nobody else wanted to take over admin duties.

And, for the benefit of those who might question how one gets admin rights, it merely means entering the room as an admin, which requires having a 4 digit passcode. Any admin can give someone else the code, but I prefer to have Norton1 do it, as it's technically his room.