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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
24-Jun-02 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Songroom open now
Subject: RE: Songroom open now.....
Sorry dear, OK that's a good idea.

If I remember I shall put the times up when I open. If I open at 7.00pm GMT, 2.00pm Standard Mudcat Time, I get bounced whether I like it or not 2 hours later, at 9.00/4.00. If there are people in the room and I can get back in, or there's another admin in the room, then it's OK to extend for another 2 hours till 11.00/6.00pm. After that, it's getting a bit late for the UKers who have work the next day. If there is no-one in the room after an hour or at 9.00 when I bounce, then I'll close it and not open again.

Anyone with an admin hat can open the room, but only certain people can make it a lockable room. The open room is fine, but you get the odd person looking in who might get a bit obnoxious. An admin hat wearer is the only one who can red dot (block) a nuisance or bounce someone out of the room.

Hope to see you there sometime....

LTS (the migraine is better, at least I can see straight now...)