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Posted By: Ebbie
14-Jun-02 - 02:37 PM
Thread Name: Help: singing in German
Subject: RE: Help: singing in German
This is fun! I spoke a German dialect while growing up, so although my German is severely limited, this is enough like that I can understand most of it. (This song, by the way, I am assuming is Yiddish, rather than German) I'm sure someone will come along who can translate all of it.

When I Marry You

Two oxen, two donkeys and a crook-backed cow
Will be given to me by my father when I marry you
A hen and a rooster (in addition will he give)
Will be given to me by my father when I marry you

Sleep, baby, sleep
Your grandfather tends the sheep
Your grandmother tends the little calves
In the ??
Sleep, baby, sleep.

Very rough results of trying a phonetic translation:

Tsvei, uhxen, tsvei, asel oon en grrrrroombookle koo
Dess gaybt mia my fotter vann ich hireawten doo
Pah hinkle oon en hawna dess dooter er dawtsu
Dess gaybt mia my fottah vann ich hireawten doo

Go easy on me, folks! Haven't tried this before.