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Posted By: Jon Bartlett
13-Jun-02 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheath and Knife
Subject: Lyr Add: SHEATH AND KNIFE (from Ewan MacColl)
Yes, I agree with the metaphoric "gae to the broom"; I suppose I just reacted to the presence of an explained metaphor in the middle of the usual MacColl Scot-English word glosses.

The words as given in the booklet are as follows: (would some Joe clone kindly set in lines?):

1. There was a sister and her brither
    The sun gaes tae oot owre the wood
Wha maist entirely loved each other
    God, gif we had never been sib.

2. Sister, we'll gang tae the broom
O sister, I would lay thee doon.

3. Brither, alas, would ye dae sae?
I sooner would my deith gang tae.

4. A' the folk they talk through ither
That the lass is wi' bairn to her brither.

5. O, brither ye hae done me ill
And we will baith burn on yon hill.

6. Ye'll gang tae my faither's stable
And tak' twa horses stout and able.

7. She's up on the white horse, he's on the black
Wi' his yew-tree bow slung fast tae his back.

8. They hadnae rode a mile but ane
E'er her pains they did come on.

9. I would gie a' my faither's land
For a good midwife at my command.

10. Ye'll gang to yon hill sae high
And tak' your bow and arrows wi' ye.

11. When ye hear my loud, loud cry
Bend your bow and let me die.

12. When he heard her loud, loud cry
He bent his bow and let her die.

13. When he cam' tae her beside
The babe was born, the lady deid.

14. Then he has ta'en his young, young son
And borne him tae a milk-woman.

15. He's gien himsel' a wound fu' sair
Well [typo for we'll? JB] never gang to the broom nae mair.

16. O mither, I hae tint my knife
I lo'ed it better than my life.

17. But I hae tint a better thing
the bonnie sheath my knife was in.

18. Is there no' a cutler intae Fife
That could mak' to thee a better knife?

19. There's no' a cutler in a' the land
Could mak' sic a knife tae my command.