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Posted By: Jon Bartlett
13-Jun-02 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheath and Knife
Subject: RE: Sheath and Knife
Ewan's transcription (notes to Blood and Roses, Vol 5) is as follows:

"The sun gaes tae oot owre the wood" (with "gaes tae" glossed as "goes to") and "God, gif we had never been sib" (with "gif" glossed as "if" and "sib" as "siblings"). I'll type in the whole transcription if folk would like it. The note for the song is exactly as Susan gives it from "Solo Flight" except that there is an additional first sentence, running: "Of the four texts given by Child, only the one taken from Motherwell's manuscript can be said to be more than a fragment of this magnificent ballad."

Ewan's glosses can be a bit odd. Verse 2 starts "Sister, we'll gang tae the broom", with "tae the broom" glossed as "make love". Go figure!

I must say that the "sun" chorus suggests the closing verse of "Edward", which for me is half of a ballad, "Lizie Wan" being the other half. Again, incest, but with no cause alleged in "Edward".