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Posted By: Amos
01-Jun-02 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD VI: Flowing Like Gold!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD VI: Flowing Like Gold!
Hey, I got tapes, I got CDs!! I got music from Rick music from Kytrad, I gotta lovely tape from karen_k, a CD from Franky Jones. I got cuts from Khandu, and believe me that boy Khan! I got CD from DharmaBum!! CDs from Margaret MacArthur. Man, mah head is spinning at the sheert beauty of ti all! Holey Moley!!

I am not just sitting idle ion it all either. I am organizing information, working out best technique for tape==> digital within existing resources, and doing preliminary sorting on all these great cuts.


Now that May is over and the VAST majority of you have done proud by the Cat and gotten files in, I would like to make arrangements for exceptions rather than just slam the door closed arbitrarily.

If you were running a bit late, or still want to send in a file that would add to the beauty and power of the Mudcat Sampler CD Series, just email me and we'll work it out, okay?

We are now officially in the Season of "Final Selection", which means tabulating all the stuff that is in and sorting it and selecting the representative cuts and so on. A lot of this has been going on since day 1, but that's the name of the current part of this game.

Crack that whip and turn them wheels. We got miles to go before we sleep!