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Posted By: GUEST,ozmacca
28-May-02 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cod Liver Oil
Subject: RE: Cod Liver Oil
Loved this song (song?) when I first heard it performed back in the dim dark folk boom days of the sixties. Guaranteed to crack up audiences - especially with the likes of Imlach and McGinn around. Oh those were the days all right. And the 37 Bus and the body found on the policeman's beat....... Oh, dear. Harumph.. Changes into serious tone....

Interesting point for all you scholars out there. Re Cludgy (cludgie - cludgee - whatever) Do I remember aright that the latin for a sewer was a via cloaca (or similar). There is thus an obvious marked similarity between the modern Glasgow word still in common useage, and the ancient latin. This then would indicate that the term generally adopted for all kinds of toilet facilities by the indigenous native inhabitants of that portion of the territory neighbouring the outflung Roman Empire may in fact be a possible corruption of the latin.

Now I wonder if this will lead to a learned discourse on the adoption of foreign phrases into modern language, or will they realise I'm kidding... aren't I?