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Posted By: greg stephens
22-May-02 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: How old is Brit trad of music in pubs?
Subject: RE: How old is Brit trad of music in pubs?
Sean, I wasnt talking about Ireland, I was concentrating on England, as my own area of special interest is the north of England.firstly, even in quite remote parts there would be a pub every couple of miles, maybe more, even in northern rural dales.Secondly, instrument were very common: obviously we can't quote actual numbers here, I'm not that kind of social historian, but the trade of fiddle-maker is well attested even in quite small communities, let alone pipe making,(which actually involves a lot less skilland could be done rather crudely by almost anybody).And whistle making from elder is universal. As regards numbers of musicians, consider farm and road making financial a ccounts, which can be found all over the place. You will see musicians employed to entertain the labourers, and by the nature of the industry there was often similar acitivity going on on neighbouring farms simultaneously. And of coursechurch records will show the vast numbers of people playing stringed instruments. Also consider the number of fiddlers' tune books(manuscript) that have come down to us, plus the commercial sale of books of dance tunes since the 16oo's. There were thousands of fiddlers, and I bet they went tp the pub in the evenings.Well, plenty of them, anyway.. On the other hand, if we are talking of the modern type of session, I'd have a guess it is modern. .