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Posted By: Kaleea
21-May-02 - 12:54 AM
Thread Name: Kendall, in the stretch...
Subject: RE: Kendall, in the stretch...
Kendall, When my dear friend (a lady of about 70 years) was in the hospital, about a year & 1/2 ago, I showed up regularly morning & night, and then one day, I was a bit late getting there--knowing that her kids would be gathered around by then, & that it would be almost time for rounds. When I arrived, the residents were gathered about her bed, and the Dr. in charge of the case (whom I had met on several occasions) was explaining various & sundry aspects of her case to the Dr.s in training. As they continued the exam, one "almost a Dr." asked about certain skin burns & tears which the Dr. was getting ready to atribute to the radiation--I had heard this part of the lecture before. Just then,I whipped out my Star Trek medical tricorder, and the other acoutrements such as the little thingie that Dr. McCoy would hold above the patient, & run back & forth (it makes a really cool sound, too!) , all the while looking at the tricorder, and then I got the medical instrument which instantly heals wounds (on Star Trek, of course) and told the trainees that obviously the burns & skin irritations were "due to the most recent round of radiation," and I then gave the medical instrument to one of the residents, & pointed at the button which operates the laserlight (which, if we were on the TV show, or in the movies, would have made short work of sealing the wounds on the skin) and don't you know that the trainee actually began to depress the button & ran the light back & forth across the skin tear a couple of times before the Dr. and the rest of the residents erupted into hysterical laughter. At which time, my friend--who happens to be a bigtime trekkie--laughed so hard, she said her sides hurt. Her sons had quite big eyes & wondered if I had lost my marbles, and her grandson said, "cool! can I see it?" The woman in the next bed demanded that I use the medical instruments on her, too! One of the sons got photos as proof of the incident. She has since gone into remission, and still tells this story at every opportunity, attributing her recovery to the medical tricorder & other medical instruments which she informed her grandkids that Dr. McCoy gave to me on one of his trips back in time on the Enterprise with Cptn. Kirk & the gang! If you were anywhere near, I'd bring it & use it on you, too, Kendall! Instead, I'll use advanced mind techniques to send healing rays of light to you! Kaleea