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Posted By: Amos
17-May-02 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD V: Gems in the Hourglass....
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD V: Gems in the Hourglass....
You guys are a crack up!!

CS: the playlist isn't FINISHED yet!! Burt there's a beautiful recording of Mingulay on it, if that's what you're asking.

Let me say again that at this stageI am trying to include at least one cut from everyone who sends candidates.

I may not be able to stick to this intention if the economics don't work out. there was some discussion of using MP#.COM's "Burn and Ship on Demand" service, which is a lot cheaper to get in to, but the back-end costs are a base fee plus 50%, so I am not sure which way would bring the most dough in to the Mudcat. And that is the whole purpose here.

Anyway, I will publish the playlist after I have cleared it with McGrath and alice as I agreed to do earlier (I think that was in thread 1).

And I already said I was enjoying the fringe benefit of listening to all these wonderful CDs and tapes!! How could I make a secret out of that!!!

If anyone really wants their CD back, after the selctions and master are done, I will return it and pay for the postage back, which I guess would only be fair.

RolyH: Northern England in May would be most wonderful, if I could get allthese tapes and CDs through the Customs guys!!! LOL!!!