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Posted By: The Shambles
05-May-02 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: UK catters be useful TODAY
Subject: RE: UK catters be useful TODAY
The local authority route is a bit 'Catch 22'. Yes any authority would attract good publicity but before that happens, we need the publicity. We need to inform enough people so that councillors (and ministers and MPs) see that that they can attract this good publicity - and of course votes, which is of course their main concern.

As for "astute" councillors, I must admit to not having found any. Or any that will listen long enough to be informed. Generally they seem to know it all anyway and seem to think that they have a choice about what they involve themselves with, rather than taking their electorate's problems to committees, whatever their own opinions may be. I don't see that we have much choice but to keep on trying this route, but they seem to think the issue is dealing with noise objections and popularity lies with supporting those that complain.

We will just have to make more complaints than the objectors. Keep up the pressure, information and publicity.

Politics are also getting in the way. Labour has the major say locally, and they support the strict interpretation, despite having a Labour MP and Labour Government who say that councils should not hold this view. It should be possible to pressure my council into changing, but it is not very easy in practice as the real power lies with the officers.

After all this time, I am still surprised that there still so many people (apart from councillors), even those who are likely to be directly affected, that at not aware of the nature and size of the problem. This needs to change quickly, any ideas?

Are all your friends aware? How can we make them aware? It is festival season. why not print off and distribute Richard Bridge's information at every event you attend and see if we can get some momentum going.

I see the pro-hunt lobby recently managed to get press coverage by un-covering a Lady Godiva. Are we are back to naked Morris protests? Any volunteers?