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Posted By: lady penelope
30-Apr-02 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Scots Rhyming Slang???
Subject: RE: BS: Scots Rhyming Slang???
Du = Pigeon
Speug = Sparrow
Sybees = spring onions
gnyaff = pillock
Piece = Piece of bread ( "Hey Maw, geeuz a piece & jam" )
Links = Sausages Hen = dear ( term of endearment ) Chick = Charles (????Why?) Doany = Don't Willnee = won't My father uses "pottit head" to mean too much vibrato ( likening it to the jelly the 'head' is set in, yech ) as in "She's a right pottit head singer!"

Rhyming words in Glasgow :-
Floor ( flair )
More ( mare )

To 'shoot off' as in to leave quickly/ imminently, has always been used in north London and doesn't seem to be particular to those of caledonian descent.

My favourite though is "Tam's in bed we his stomache" meaning "Tam has a sore stomache and has retired to bed" . I always want to ask "Where else would his stomache be?"

I know this phrase is used as an exclamation, but what does it actually mean? "Help ma boab!" Neither of my parents could help me.

TTFN M'Lady P.